All Shapes and Sizes

At Allstone Glasgow, we offer our customers a wide range of inert aggregates to help them complete the jobs they are working on. We offer:

  • 6F2
  • Type 1R
  • Drainage stone (in 10mm, 20mm or 40mm)
  • Sands (As Dug)

The aggregates we supply at Allstone Glasgow are all recycled from jobs we have worked on. All the materials we supply are tested to ensure they are of a suitable grade to be used on an upcoming job.

We supply quantities of aggregates in all sizes whether it be for a small domestic project or a large construction project.

To understand more about the range of aggregates we offer, call Stewart on 07858 121047 or Gerry on 07903 944924 or alternatively email and we’ll be happy to help.